Virtual Reality Gaming Packages

The Unknown Comedy Club's virtual reality gaming and education program harnesses the power the Metaverse to teach cutting edge immersive story telling, creative expression and gaming VR arcade for all ages. 

VR gaming provides an immersive and interactive experience that can captivate children's imagination. It allows them to step into virtual worlds and engage with the game environment in a whole new way, offering a sense of presence and excitement. 

VR games often involve physical movements and gestures, encouraging kids to be active while gaming. This can be a great way to keep them physically engaged and provide a break from sedentary activities.

VR gaming platforms like the Meta Quest 2 allow players to network and connect with friends, enabling multiplayer experiences. Kids can enjoy playing together, compete against each other, or collaborate in virtual environments, fostering social interaction and teamwork. 

Travelling Without Moving

Our VR Experts, who also happen to be comedians, will take small groups on a 30 minute guided adventure.

After a quick training tutorial, residents can embark on a number of exciting virtual activities such as bowling, fishing, kayaking, puzzle solving, mini golf, painting, rock climbing, or music.

  • Campers Delight

    • 3 Hours session
    • 2 Expert VR Guides
    • 5 headsets
    • Over 20 Experiences


  • VR Party

    • 3 Hours session
    • 2 Expert VR Guides
    • 8 headsets
    • Over 20 Experiences


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