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Unknown Comedy Club

Add-On: Brunch with Baba G

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Brunch Add-On

“The Journey to Infinite Loving and Kindness” is hosted by the immaculate Baba G. This hilarious exploration through the universe of your conscious mind includes:

  •  Guided meditations and visualizations. 
  •  Comedic lectures to explain the process. 
  •  Deep relaxation and breathing exercises. 
  •  Loving-kindness and forgiveness practice (Metta); 
  •  I Am Meditation practice (Self Inquiry); 
  •  Silencing of the mind to dive into the present moment and create a portal to infinity. 

With Host Amish Patel a.k.a. Baba G.

Amish aka Baba G learnt from a young age that humour enabled him to navigate his Indian and North American cultures while dealing with discrimination and xenophobia. After literally becoming a rocket scientist with a degree in Aerospace Engineering, Amish made up for the lost time in comedy by writing and producing his own sketch comedy show called Fade to Brown. He has produced and sold out shows which gained acclaim from media names such as NOW Magazine and the CBC.