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The Unknown Comedy Club

Laughter From The Frontlines

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Frontlines Package

Hosted by Scott Faulconbridge, Laughter from the Frontlines features comedians working in the healthcare industry including registered nurse Zabrina Douglas, personal support worker Caroline DG, recreationist in Long Term Care Janice Israeloff, and advanced care paramedic Morgan Phillips and many more Healthcare Comedians from across Canada.

As case numbers across the country drop and restrictions are slowly lifted, those on the frontlines can finally take a breath and reflect. These talented healthcare comedians try to turn their personal trauma into tears of joy!



1. The Known Package: $1800


  • 1 Tech
  • Comedians: 1 opener, 1 Pro Headliner
  • 45 min show
  • Up to 50 audience members

2. The Unknown Package: $2500


  • 1-hour show
  • Up to 100 audience members
  • 1 Tech + Tech Assistant for audience moderation
  • DJ to open and close the show
  • Comedians: 1 host, opener, 2 Pro Headliners

3. The Great Unknown: $4000


  • Fully Customizable Event
  • Avatar Host (fully interactive show with material written specifically about the company or bosses upon request)
  • 1-hour 30 minutes showtime
  • Up to 500 audience members
  • 1 Tech + Tech Assistant for audience moderation
  • Full DJ Set
  • Comedians: 1 host, opener, 3 Pro Headliners

4. Beyond The Unknown: $5500


  • All-inclusive, fully customizable event
  • Avatar host
  • 4 pro headliner comedians
  • Fully interactive show
  • 1-hour 45 minutes showtime
  • Up to 1000 audience members
  • Full DJ set
  • + Wellness package add-on