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Unknown Comedy Club

The WFH Comedy Show

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WFH Package

 The Work from Home Comedy Show focuses on creating a live virtual experience that feels like a live stand-up comedy show.

  • We start off by setting the mood with an amazing DJ who also closes out the show.
  • Our tech team ensures everything runs smoothly, while still allowing it to be an interactive experience without background noise interfering.
  • State of the art Virtual Reality technology brings your show host to life as an avatar piloted by the incredible comedian Rodney Ramsey who has 15+ years of comedy experience making each event a unique experience.


1. The Known Package: $1800


  • 1 Tech
  • Comedians: 1 opener, 1 Pro Headliner
  • 45 min show
  • Up to 50 audience members

2. The Unknown Package: $2500


  • 1-hour show
  • Up to 100 audience members
  • 1 Tech + Tech Assistant for audience moderation
  • DJ to open and close the show
  • Comedians: 1 host, opener, 2 Pro Headliners

3. The Great Unknown: $4000


  • Fully Customizable Event
  • Avatar Host (fully interactive show with material written specifically about the company or bosses upon request)
  • 1-hour 30 minute showtime
  • Up to 500 audience members
  • 1 Tech + Tech Assistant for audience moderation
  • Full DJ Set
  • Comedians: 1 host, opener, 3 Pro Headliners



  • All-inclusive, fully customizable event
  • Avatar host
  • 4 pro headliner comedians
  • Fully interactive show
  • 1-hour 45 minutes showtime
  • Up to 1000 audience members
  • Full DJ set
  • + Wellness package add-on