Virtual Reality Comedy Club Listings

Virtual Reality Comedy Club Listings

For all of you virtual reality enthusiasts who are also stand up comedy lovers I have good news for you. There is a gaggle of virtual reality comedy clubs in the Metaverse! You can either sit back and enjoy an awesome show, or hop on stage and see if you have what it takes to make a room full of avatars chuckle. Here’s a list of all the vr comedy clubs in the metaverse worth your time.

The Unknown Comedy Club    


The Unknown Comedy Club is a live events streaming platform that specialises in broadcasting the best interactive virtual stand-up comedy and team building experiences directly to your staff's home office. Our hilarious customizable productions will help you boost morale, keep employees socially engaged with their colleagues, and most importantly it will provide your staff with a positive community experience using clean corporate humour. If you’re looking for a great virtual comedy show in the Metaverse The Unknown Comedy Club is your best bet

Contact us for booking details


Failed to Render

Failed to Render is the  longest-running professional Metaverse comedy club! They’ve had over 150+ comedians from across the world who perform for you three times a week or more! Unmute yourselves and let's have a good laugh! 

Failed to Render is located on AltspaceVR with a seating capacity of about 50. On Monday’s anyone can hop on and do 5 minutes. Altspacevr has a lengthy sign up process which requires a Microsoft account if you intend on visiting Failed to Render and you’ve never been to Altspacevr give yourself time to create an account and an Avatar. 

Shows Every Week. Click here to book.

Monday at 10pm Open Mic night

Thursday at 10pm Pro show

Friday at 10pm pro show


Simon Says Laugh

Simon Says Laugh is a great VR comedy club located in Horizon. The venue looks great and the audience was very friendly and well behaved. The way the venue is shaped it really feels like you’re in a small theatre. All the comics have performed before so if you want to go on stage you’ll have to book a spot beforehand. If you just want to watch it’s a free show!

Show Times:

Wednesday 8pm Est

Thursday 8pm Est


  Gutty’s Comedy Club Metaverse

Gutty's started as an idea to bring clean comedy in the suburbs of Chicago. Since then they have worked in bars, churches, small venues, and roller rinks trying to establish the brand name. When owner Steve Rivera and Dennis Tooley met up in Indiana the idea took off and found its home in Greenwood, IN. And now you can visit Gutty’s live show in the Horizon!

Thursday 7:30 EST

The Soapstone Comedy


Soapstone Comedy is the last virtual reality comedy worth a damn in Horizon. If you’re into squeaky clean comedy this is the place for you. They’ve got various types of shows all week so if you’re into stand-up and improv this is the place for you. Just don’t drop any F-bombs, S-bombs, C-bombs or M-bombs cause they’ll throw your A-bomb out!

Check them out here.


Audition night

Mondays at 8pm est

Improv night

Thursday’s at 9pm est

Headliner Show

Saturdays at 1030pm est

Story Time 

Sundays at 8pm est


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