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We can all agree that working from home is awesome. Riding crowded public transportation with strangers sporting paper towels rather than masks and wearing pants to work are things of the past. However, with all the amazing benefits of remote working there is one glaring downside, the unbearable loneliness resulting from spending long hours everyday without any human contact.

The Unknown Comedy Club is a live events streaming platform that specializes in broadcasting the best interactive virtual stand-up comedy and team building experiences directly to your staff's home office. Our hilarious customizable productions will help you boost morale, keep employees socially engaged with their colleagues, and most importantly it will provide your staff with a positive community experience.

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Answer the following questions to help us provide the best event possible:

1. Approximate company size.

2. Around how many attendees expected.

3. Give us a hint of your corporate culture.

4. Let us know an estimation of when you’d like the event to take place.

  • I truly appreciate your flexibility and accommodating our last-minute requests. You two are absolutely talented and wowed our team. Your performance made our event such a success, and hopefully, we'll see you again at our future events. 

    Shabnam Gharib - Canview

  • Getting the opportunity to watch BOTH top notch Professional comedians as well as up and coming amateurs from the comfort of my couch has been very cool. What they have created is a hilarious safe space for comics to chill and work on new material in front of a live ( zoom) audience

    Steven Mann - Mann Casting

  • The virtual experience was perfectly catered to meet our requests. It was so easy for us, we literally had nothing to do but sit back and enjoy the night. They made sure that the acts were suitable for our corporate audience. Go ahead and book, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

    Jen Miller - Elementary Teachers Federation Ontario 

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