Zoom Gods

Zoom Gods

The Beta Show ep 50


March 30, 2022: Led by Mariam Khan’s banter as host, the Unknown Comedy Club’s virtual comedy show celebrated the 50th Beta Show on March 30th, 2022. The Beta’s backgrounds and crisp transitions make it stand out the most above other online comedy shows. With locally-hot Canadian comics, Andy Wong, Oumer Teyeb, Rico Arseneault and Hasher Ahmed, the Beta Show kicked off number 50 in an outstanding fashion. Hasher’s brash comedy stood out despite his small stature. The bite size comedian held nothing back and didn’t care how offended you were. In addition to that, the show featured Canadian Screen Award winner, Amish Patel, who confirmed that the world has enough Patels, Singhs and Khans. With a mix of current topical and self-deprecating humor, the show marked the 50th show in a lively and unforgettable way.


The Living Room Show

April 1, 2022: Live from New York it’s The Living Room Show! The show drew a big crowd and the humour was great but the online comedy show wasn’t well structured. The Zoom comedy show featured some quality acts like a guy who let you know how hard it is to be tall and a woman of Egyptian descent who is often mistaken for a latina. In between those acts, there was another guy who just went on and on about 2-year-old irrelevant pandemic material. What made the show even worse was that the host kept badgering the audience for money at an advertised free show. At first, the begging for money was done in a comedic way, but then it just came off as flat out pathetic. The online comedy show was as vibrant and emphatic as The Big Apple itself but maybe don’t harass the audience for money at a show sold at the price of “on the house”.


A Virtual Stand-up Comedy Show #20

April 2, 2022: The International House of Comedy presented a virtual stand-up comedy show that was so lackluster and mundane it literally made me fall asleep. The host would often talk or laugh over them with an atrocious laugh. The show seemed to feature an amateurish line-up of acts that didn't have any clear direction. It lived up to the word “international” with acts from the US, to the UK, to India, to even an LGBTQ host from Thailand but the comedy was all one-dimensional and as a result was an extreme yawnfest. The transitions were sloppy and nothing stood out as I began to doze off more than once. When the headliner came on, I remember him rattling off a few dirty jokes and that’s when I completely dropped into deep sleep. All and all, the show needs some major improvements if they want to legitimize their chances at being a profitable online comedy show.

Virtual Comedy Show! Special Guests!


April 4, 2022: Chirping Bird Comedy brought us a virtual Zoom comedy show that started off okay but got progressively worse as the two hour comedy show continued. The performances started to become very dry with one liners about topical events like the recent Wrestlemania event. Thereafter, it tapered off into an interactive bashing of Will Smith by a white guy over the Oscar slap. We get it what Will Smith did was wrong and him bringing God and the devil into his Oscar speech was a bad look. But this so-called comedy show just rolled off the tracks from having moderately funny acts into a weird, vile and unfunny interactive insult showcase. The closing act was so dreadful and appalling I couldn’t help but leave the online comedy show and I did so shaking my head at what I just witnessed. Chirping Bird Comedy really needs to clean up the acts that they choose to book and maybe add some backgrounds to make it look less lazy and unappealing. What a dreadful show!

Sets with Dustin Chafin


April 14, 2022: The online show hosted by Dustin Chafin kicked off with gangsta rap music live on Zoom and streaming on Twitch. The gangsta rap was followed by an opening song by the host’s sidekick as he rocked out on his guitar. Dustin ran the show like a radio show host using his sidekick in a conversational way. The conversational element worked like it was the Howard Stern Show. While the acts were good, it never seemed very interesting and was often incredibly boring. The sidekick often had a deadpan voice as he played on his guitar various times throughout the show. Typically you would like music to uplift the show. It would have just been better if they brought back the gangsta rap music. They had no backgrounds and transitions from comic to comic was nothing special. The show was such a borefest, I couldn’t bear watching until the end.

Best of San Francisco Stand-Up Comedy: Zoom Edition


April 16, 2022: The “Best of San Francisco Stand-Up Comedy: Zoom Edition” kicked off very casual yet hilarious with the comics riffing on each other and themselves. It was definitely very adult humor so keep the kids away from this one! This Zoom show was very laid back with no backgrounds of any sort instead this comedy show utilized the robo voice of a woman who played off the host making fun of him or saying inappropriate things. And I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. The comics were all great. The jokes ranged from the hypocrisy of Christians to how secretaries are essential workers. Going back to the robo woman voice, that is what stood out the most. It was reminiscent of Craig Ferguson using the animatronic human skeleton known as “Geoff Peterson” to play off of on his Late Late Show on CBS. In order to pull it off you have to be a very non-egotistical comic, and the host was just that. Very open to self-deprecating humour like Ferguson. I thoroughly enjoyed the online show. It had the perfect combination of funny and weird to keep it entertaining from beginning to end.

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